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Staffing companies need background checks done as quickly as possible so their job placements can be filled just as fast. And the process must be easy with immediate support when needed. We understands this. DataScreening has more experience with Staffing clients than most other background check companies in the field. We have been working with the Staffing Industry since the company started over 20 years ago. We are members of the American Staffing Association (ASA) and New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA). DataScreening is currently on the Board of Directors for NJSA and multiple members of our executive team have served on the Board in the past. Our system and our process is built around accelerating your job placements.


Our software is one of the top rated background check platforms in the industry, customized and uncomplicated to navigate. All of your screening services are together on one report. And for your candidates, information can be entered on any mobile device. The hassle free experience is quick and easy, leaving the applicant with a positive impression of your company and your hiring process. Fully automated to advance your workflow.

  • Automated, streamlined process with FCRA compliance forms
  • Dashboard with live tracking of all reports
  • Full metrics reporting to track all locations or individual clients
  • Bill by client
  • Hassle free candidate experience
  • Positive impression of your company and hiring process


  • Customized packages based on your client’s need for 1 click ordering
  • 82% of criminal records are completed in less than 24 hours
  • Many searches are instant
  • Immediate customer support


  • Dedicated account managers with multiple person support teams
  • All support teams and verification specialists are U.S. based
  • Knowledgeable and Available staff


  • Criminal reports directly from the original source, the courthouses
  • 3 step error detecting review process
  • Random internal audits for accuracy of reports


  • Automated FCRA compliance forms are included for all states
  • Releases, Disclosures, and Authorization forms are built in
  • Pre-Adverse Action and Adverse Actions letters
  • In-house compliance team
  • Optional state law guide for automatic updates on changing laws

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