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Credit Report

This report is for employment purposes and comes from one of the three national credit repositories and meets compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It does not put an inquiry on the applicant’s credit report. This information gives insight into the financial responsibility and spending patterns of the applicant. Turnaround instant.

Social Security Search (SSN)

Determines whether the social security number provided by the applicant is of legitimate issue. By entering the social security number, the report generates all known users affiliated with that SSN, addresses, and dates of residency, which can help rule out a false identity. The report also helps verify previous addresses along with dates. A check fraud database can be added to this search. Turnaround instant.

SSA Direct

A direct verification with the Social Security Administration that verifies the SSN. The applicant fills out a form issued by the social security administration. We submit the form to the SSA, and they report back if it is a match to the SSA, not a match or if the name/SSN appears on the death registry. Turnaround 1 business day.

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