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Data ScreeningOver 35 years ago Karen Jacobsen, the founder of DataScreening started Credit Resources, Inc., CRI, a credit reporting agency, after leaving a well-known national credit reporting agency. Understanding the true needs of the credit industry, she took advantage of the modern technology at the time and was the first credit reporting agency in the New York Metropolitan area to automate the process. CRI was able to provide companies their credit information in hours, as opposed to days. With her insight and leadership the business quadrupled in 6 months, grew to over 40 employees and expanded to all over the country. CRI had a large footprint in the banking industry, so when the banks were required by the FDIC to start doing background checks, they came to CRI for help. Karen and her team took the same approach, researching and finding the best resources and developing the best technology to improve her clients’ process. Soon after, DataScreening was launched. Twenty two years later the company has had double digit growth every year since, and has expanded to one of the leading background check providers in the industry. As upgrades and updates have taken place, DataScreening’s current background check platform is the top screening software in the industry; giving clients the most comprehensive suite of customizable screening applications available.

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