Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

DataScreening’s Value Proposition for Staffing Companies

With superior technology and customer satisfaction, DataScreening has created a software platform that provides our Staffing Clients with solutions to ordering different types of background checks for their clients, simple and easy.

We will set up a list of your clients and behind each client listing will be the list of products that each client desires. Your staff just needs to click on order and enter the applicant’s information. This process eliminates the need for your staff to verify what a particular client’s needs are. Everything is pre-set, avoiding costly mistakes while expediting the ordering process.

Here are some features of our system:

  1. Enter the applicant’s information only once, even if you have to go back another day and order other products. You would just choose that applicant and order new products.
  2. Quick App ordering which sends the applicant an e-mail prompting them to fill in all the information for their background check as well as sign an e-signature applicant release form eliminating paper forms and time spent on data entry.
  3. Secure internet based system for access anywhere 24/7.
  4. Multiple users can be set up, by you, with different degrees of rights. e.g. rights to order only and not view results, rights to view and order only their own or full rights to order and view all reports.
  5. Invoices can be sorted various ways including by your client’s name.
  6. Branch offices can be set up as sub accounts to the main office, thus having separate billing while allowing the administrator to view each office’s reports.
  7. Pending reports appear on the login page as soon as you sign in.
  8. Reports with messages appear on the login page, providing you with our message regarding that applicant’s file. E.g. if we need written authorization or there is a delay in the report for whatever reason.
  9. All applicant reports can be found in the system based on various search criteria. No reports are deleted based on any time frame.
  10. The reference field can be a required field forcing your processor to enter your client’s name in order to sort reports by client.
  11. With our jurisdictional set up, our system will identify each county that the applicant has resided at and place it in the order box for your review. You can select it or delete it as you wish. This saves your staff time by not having to look up each town for a county jurisdiction.
  12. Additional jurisdictional tool in the menu allows you to look up other counties where the applicant has worked or gone to school in order to add to your search.
  13. Online invoices are available for the administrator.
  14. Easy, simple, powerful, and user friendly.