Staffing Solutions

I9 Compliance

  • Applicant completes section 1 online.
  • Employer completes face to face entry with ability to upload documentation.
  • Electronic data storage insures accurate record keeping, compliance, and E-Verify submission.
  • Simple, easy, affordable and compliant.

I9 Solutions for Remote Hires

Compliance for I9 is difficult by itself, but once you add the Remote employee factor, then compliance becomes a bear. Here is how DataScreening is helping their clients:

  • 9,000 agents nationwide, the largest network in the country
  • Avoid fines between $110 – $1100 per person
  • Electronic entry by the candidate, the agent and you.
  • Electronic Data Storage
  • 1 Click to send to E-Verify
  • Very Cost effective

The I-9 process for employers becomes difficult when a company employs individuals in states in which they don’t have offices. The Department of Homeland Security allows the employee to select a designated agent. This has been a difficult process for most employers to welcome. DataScreening has proved a solution by teaming with a national network of designated trained agents nationwide, 9,000 in all. The I9’s are electronically stored in compliance with Homeland Security guidelines. This also allows you to search and view all I9’s as well as submit all I9’s to e-Verify with just one click.

DataScreening Solution:

  • The Employer (You) places a request online for a designated agent and DataScreening replies with the contact information of an agent within miles of the remote hire’s location.
  • You login to DataScreening website to initiate the I9 process electronically. This prompts an email with a secure link to be sent to both, the designated agent and the remote hire to complete their sections of the I9.
  • The remote hire meets with the designated agent to have the documents examined and the I-9 completed.
  • All of the I-9 information is electronically stored in real time for you to submit to E-verify with just a click.

Inefficient and non-compliant Solutions:

  • Be careful about efficient and non-compliant solutions, such as Facetime or Skype, both non-compliant.
  • Designated agents that travel to the employee’s home have been found to be both inconvenient and costly.
  • Notaries who don’t understand the process and simply haven’t been successful in completing the forms.
  • Other Networks don’t have the coverage area, providing only 600 – 3,000 agents to cover the entire country.

Laws / Fines

  • What would you do in the event of an audit?
  • Non-compliance can be a huge cost factor. With fines ranging between $110 and the maximum fine is $1100, for a single form, an employer could be losing profit.
  • Proper compliance coupled with online storage provides the client with a risk free system.
  • Officials from any of the following departments: Department of Homeland Security, Office of Special Counsel, Department of Justice, and the Department of Labor may inspect any employers Forms I-9’s as long as they provide a written notice of inspection at least 3 days in advance.
  • Any delay or refusal of the inspection by the employer will result in a violation of the law.
  • Can you afford not to be compliant?