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True or False Quiz: Can Landlords Prevent Defaults on Rent?

As a landlord, you may think you have all the information you need to keep your rental business on the up and up while protecting yourself and your assets. Let’s see how you do with this simple quiz. T or F: The landlord is always right no matter the tenant’s argument. False. There are twoContinue Reading

Expunging Outdated Data from Background Checks

Have you ever been rejected based on your background check but you know your records should have appeared with no questionable information? What should you do if you find erroneous information on your personal, credit or social media history? How do you begin to correct information that is no longer accurate? Gather your patience forContinue Reading

Hiring for the Gig Economy? Best to Screen Carefully

Hiring temporary contract workers is on the rise, and more small and midsize businesses are heading this direction. This gig trend will likely continue until at least the end of the decade. Isn’t that good news for staffing firms, whose utilization grew an average of 10 percent over the past year? While hiring great temporaryContinue Reading

3 Trends in Data Screening

Any employer expects employment laws and practices to change over time. It’s just part of doing business to keep up with the trends. The Society for Human Resource Management keeps an eye on current topics, issues, and trends in the HR industry, including conducting pre-employment background checks. According to the SHRM, it is important toContinue Reading

12 Tips for Landlords – Avoid Rental Application Cons

As a landlord, you may think you’ve seen more tricks than at a dog and pony show. Forgery and fraud in rental applications may not be publicized, but it frequently happens, particularly with “mom and pop” landlords as scammers think they are the easiest to manipulate. Those applicants who perpetrate fraud will often seek multi-familyContinue Reading

Keeping Up with New Labor and Employment Laws

Federal, state and municipal labor and employment laws changed as of late 2016 and 2017. Many states approved minimum wage increases with adjustments for consequent years. Laws concerning the medical and recreational use of marijuana were liberalized. Some states limited inquiries about applicants’ prior salaries to encourage pay equity. Some states enacted new paid sickContinue Reading

New Healthcare Job? Expect a Background Check with Fingerprinting

Here’s Why: New job opportunities arise when an industry burgeons, like home health care, skilled nursing facility patient care, and behavioral healthcare. More and more, trained and caring individuals are needed to assist the aging Boomer population, and people are answering that need. However, as one might expect, new opportunities bring new challenges. Two ofContinue Reading

Tenant Screening: 7 Red Flags to Keep from Getting Burned

As a manager for rental properties, finding reliable renters is crucial for your business success and reputation. Hence, it pays to be informed or refreshed on why you should perform a thorough background check. Remember, don’t skip the processing of applicants to save time or because the person “appears” right or offers you a temptingContinue Reading

9 Tips to Reduce Liability in Hiring  

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. ~ Benjamin Franklin Logic dictates that the more you know, the better your prospects are at growing a successful business. So why take chances when it comes to hiring? A negligent hiring lawsuit can result in astronomical costs. Even if a poor hiring choice does not resultContinue Reading

Hiring with Missing Information – A True, Compelling Story  

If you think you don’t need to run a thorough background check using a competent data screening agency, you may change your view once you consider this true story. A few years ago, an experienced and established data screening agency ran a background check on a potential candidate for hire. The agency uncovered a criminalContinue Reading